The ADA Thermal Management Solutions group is focused on managing acute thermal problems associated with excessive heat generation during the operation of traction motors, wide band-gap (WBG) semiconductors, and power electronics components, which have severe negative effects on performance, reliability, and operation life-cycle.

ADA, through long-standing partnerships with OEMs, commercial entities, industry, national labs, and academia provides innovative products and custom solutions to the military, automotive, heavy equipment, and microelectronics industries, among others. Our thermal interface material (TIM) products are offered through the QiFlo™ brand-name, and include thermal grease, film, pad, gap filler, and adhesive materials.

In addition, the Thermal Management Solutions team has developed a thin, lightweight, multi-layer, passive isolation system for preventing cell-to-cell propagation during a high-energy thermal runaway or deflagration event in lithium ion batteries. Our unique technology provides lithium ion battery manufacturers a 'drop-in' solution for current and future technologies, making their operation, storage, and transport significantly safer with little to no change in energy storage system design.