ADA is a high-tech development company that aggressively commercializes technologies. Please contact us for more information on any of the product lines using the form at the bottom of this page.

ADA Custom Energy Storage Products

ADA Custom Energy Storage products include lithium-based batteries, supercapacitors, solid-state batteries, innovative chemical reserve batteries, and custom hybrid energy solutions.

QiFlo™ Thermal Management Products

Our thermal interface material (TIM) products are offered through the QiFlo™ brand-name, and include thermal grease, film, pad, gap filler and adhesive materials.

Ultra-High Pressure Scuba

ADA has developed a 10,000 psi scuba system capable of doubling dive time without increasing cylinder volume. The design features a composite tank and a pressure-reducing regulator. The ADA system is designed to interface with current first- and second-stage scuba regulators.

Assembled scubEDU 1.JPG

Safe Lithium Ion Battery Storage Systems

ADA provides custom safety solutions for high-energy lithium ion battery storage and transport. Whether for large-format installations on land or at sea, lightweight aircraft power systems, or next generation large-scale energy storage, our solutions are designed to mitigate the impact of fire or explosion due to battery thermal runaway. ADA's products are scalable, versatile, and provide redundant layers of protection at the cell, pack, or cabinet level.

Fast-Running Aircraft Fire Suppression CFD Software

ADA has developed and validated a fast-running Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling tool for simulating injection and dispersion of a fire suppression agent into sensitive aircraft volumes. Initially developed for the needs of the US Air Force, the software allows rapid and accurate comparisons and evaluations of various fire suppression system designs. This CFD tool focuses on clean agents and water mist, and can be used to efficiently design systems to be installed in any air/space craft, ship, or ground vehicle.

Fine Water Mist Portable Fire Extinguishers

In collaboration with NASA, ADA has developed and fielded portable fire extinguishers for the International Space Station. It is now the technology of choice for fire suppression onboard US spacecraft. The patented atomization technology provides a high-momentum spray of fine droplets optimizing fire suppression capabilities against most fire threats. Lower cost, commercial versions of the portable extinguisher have also been developed for fighting Class A, B, and C fires.

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