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Physionetics, LLC

PhysioNetics, LLC was established to develop, manufacture, and sell innovative new prosthetic devices for economically disadvantaged amputees worldwide.  Effective December 31, 2010, the assets attributed to PhysioNetics’ within ADA were sold to a new international prosthetics engineering and manufacturing company, Invisible Hand, LLC.  Commercial products along with technical and sales support are available through the new company.  For information on how to purchase these and other products during this transition, please visit our online website at or contact Bradley D. Veatch, PE at 303-438-0339.  He can also be reached by email at

We greatly appreciate the privilege of serving our customers and look forward to releasing new products that genuinely improve quality of life.  If you have a prosthetics need that is not being served or ideas for new products you think would make the world a better place,  please give us a call.  We would love to talk with you.   

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